ProACT, your All-In-One application for Interactive Visualization, Predictive Analytics & Post Analysis to make quality daily decisions anytime anywhere using any internet enabled device like Ipad, PC, laptop. No software.No Installs required. »
Real-time data
Backed by Moblize’s Early Warning Command Centers (EWCs) proactively monitoring all service provider data around the clock to ensure data control and accuracy. »
Real-time data
and Moblize Aggregator which allows you the flexibility to gather data from 3rd party office hub or field site directly. Office hubs provide traditional surface data/MWD only but if you want to gather Auto driller set points from advanced Rig control systems, LNG/CNG, Dual Fuel Systems, Coriolis meters, Flow meters, Diesel engines. »
Not using real-time data?

All Data Is Not
Created Equal

The truth is there is an enormous difference between simple real-time data adn timely, quality data — differences that are costing you money.

Real-time data
Our around-the-clock monitoring and response systems can reduce drilling costs by 5-20%, in addition to minimizing risk and liability on rig sites.
Real-time data
Are you not using
real-time data?
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Real-Time is Easy.
Big Data quality is Hard.
Big Judgement is even Harder.

Moblize quality-assured machine data is converted to operational and business insights for engineers to make rapid, accurate daily decisions anytime, anywhere. The insights are accessible on any smart internet device boosting their capability to exploit that information for competitive advantage.

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Drilling Optimization

Moblize can aggregate data from 3rd party office hub or field location directly. Since office hubs typically provide traditional surface data/MWD data streams only, if required Moblize Advanced Field Aggregator “DARP” can be deployed at rig site and is your key to rapidly enabling Drilling Automation & Optimization in ways never possible before. It can interface to Drilling Rig control systems, LNG, Dual fuel systems, cement trucks etc. eaily.

It serves as the brain for the remote location, to essentially aggregate all of the raw data from a variety of systems beyond typical downhole and surface sensors, backed by high quality field deployment service team. It allows you to not only collect and feed data at higher frequencies, but also to generate derived datasets from advanced calculations written by you to meet your unique well construction challenges (independent of the equipment providers) that can later be shared in real time with any other 3rd party engineering applications in the field or office, or machines in the vicinity, or with humans using any ubiquitous display platforms like ipads/kindle/surface etc.

Salient Features:
Deployed on over 140+ rigs globally today, Moblize’s highly reliable and portable Darp™ field site aggregator is WITSML store that:

·         Talk to virtually any piece of equipment in the field beyond traditional down hole/surface sensors like engines, transformers, diesel systems, flow meters, compressors, separators etc.

·         M2M (Machine 2 Machine) enabled, allowing you to seamlessly exchange information (to/from) disparate machines like PLCs, RTUs

·         Supports conversion of all major protocols like WITS, LAS, OPC, WITSML, Excel, Modbus (RTU, TCP, ASCII), Profibus to XML standard (WITSML1.3.1)

·         Instantly and securely enables all field devices as an Internet Service which can intelligently adapt to situations based on nearby conditions or past patterns

·         Run once and deploy to many instantly advanced calculations/algorithms created by your engineers against high frequency data at the rig itself

·         Utilizes software based data compression to exchange data between enterprise applications utilizing 64 Kbps upload speeds

·         Provide data synchronization to buffer data in the event of communication failures


How do we do it?

Rig Deployment Global Service team

Our specialist work 24/7 coordinating rig site  activities & field deployment  utilizing our proven coordination methodology on over 140 plus rigs to:

·         Deploy reliable wireless networks in the field locations if needed

·         Coordinate all Rig Ups/Skids/Moves etc. with service providers so we find the data, while you mind the decisions

·         Ensure reliable connections to receive new datasets virtually from any 3rd party systems like PLCs, RTUs, EDRs, Transformers/Meters/ RFID/MWD/DD/Mud loggers/Cement units etc.

·         Ensure service providers in all regions are using common software, systems to minimize downtime and configuration challenges

·         And more.

The team holds record on going live in US land on 18 rigs in 2 days

Completion Optimization

By combining fracturing information  gathered in real time (every second) from a variety of industry leading frac software applications (frac software’s like fracpro, Accufrac etc) from frac truck or from office hub of frac vendors, Moblize can help completion engineers in real time compare stages breakdown by NPT, Wireline & Pumpting, compare stages from different wells or stages within single well, Proactively alert of parameters like low proppant concentration, Surface treatment pressure increase etc. in real time:

The result is a more effective completion the first, and every, time.

Imagine the possibilities when completion, intervention and drilling engineers can review, visualize and make “decisions” on the fly anytime, anywhere from one single software platform. This is even more critical nowadays as the length of well, drilling methods , physical location in the well space & the type of completion are very dependent on each other.

Imagine auto creation and feeding of treatment reports without re-entering into well view or other enterprise databases.


Production Optimization

The varying flow rates and horizontal construction of wells in oil shale plays can lead to high equipment failures within a short time before anyone realizes it.

Our Darp™ ProdML Server helps you proactively optimize production in real time by making  Artificial Lift systems like ESP, PCP, Rod Pumps etc Intelligent to adjust pump speeds and operate across wide ranges of flow rates  to cope up with declining or highly variable flow rates.

DARP™ Server Salient Features:



ProACT-Daily Engineering Workflows in the Cloud

Since most of the current Engineering Applications today are desktop-centric vs. compatible with diverse set of internet enabled smart devices accessible anytime, anywhere, we designed ProACT to do just that accessible over the cloud anytime, anywhere. No software. No hardware. No Upgrade required. We simply take raw streaming data from sensors, feed through our data quality and big data analytics engine in the cloud and let you log in via any smart internet device to make quality daily decisions anytime, anywhere.

We realize you have made significant investment in the 3rd party engineering software. We ensure you can leverage these investments  by:

a) feeding all “Ready to Analyze” high-quality trusted data prepackaged securely to them behind your firewall OR

b) bringing certain data sets from these applications over secure connection to ProACT running in the Cloud powering engineers with useful information instantly and boosting their capability to exploit that information for competitive advantage.

Below is Partial list of Engineering Applications we can auto feed data to/from our Cloud:

… to name a few.