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Real-time data
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Real-time data
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Real-time data
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Moblize organizes Insights in the enterprise workflows to make life of Engineers better in the Oil and Gas industry. The Big Data Analytics platform is currently being used by Enterprises with combined market cap of over 100 billion.

Mar 30, 2017
Brennan's of Houston
Houston TX


ProACT, a big data analytics platform that aggregates “Variety” of  data from 3rd party vendor office hubs and your internal systems.

Typically the office hubs gather machine data from a variety of systems like typical down hole and surface sensors. Moblize has multitude of connectors to retrieve all data from these vendors and bring them in a single location in the cloud. The assembled data is prepared and fed into advanced machine learning algorithms to create insights never possible before.


ProFRAC gathers completion raw data from a variety of 3rd party fracturing databases (like fracpro, Accufrac etc). The data assembled is then prepared which includes cleaning and scrubbing and then made available to engineers and managers to drive Actionable Insights after running thru machine learning algorithms.

Some Actionable insights enabled are ability to compare stages breakdown by NPT, Wireline & Pumpting, compare stages from different wells or stages within single well, Proactively alert of parameters like low proppant concentration, Surface treatment pressure increase etc. in real time:

The result is a more effective completion the first, and every, time.

Imagine the possibilities when completion, intervention and drilling engineers can review, visualize and make “decisions” on the fly anytime, anywhere from one single software platform. This is even more critical nowadays as the length of well, drilling methods , physical location in the well space & the type of completion are very dependent on each other.

Imagine auto creation and feeding of treatment reports without re-entering into well view or other enterprise databases.



The next natural step in oil and gas is bringing wells online often referred as “Producing Well”.

With US unconventional wells varying flow rates and new ways of construction leads to high equipment failures within a short time frame, varying pressures which results in quick declines in production etc.

ProPROD soon will be able to use its advanced machine algorithms and myriad of data housed in it from roughly over 10,000 wells enable engineers to predict and arrest declines in production and avoid Artificial Lift systems like ESP, PCP, Rod Pumps etc. from failing.