We are agents of change–for our clients and our people. We want to help our clients to be successful, transform their businesses, and do so as a trusted partner. We’re looking for employees who have the same driving passion to help others succeed.

moblize-careersWhat we offer

A passionate environment, chance to work in our global office, competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. We offer challenging and rewarding opportunities in many locations worldwide. With offices in the US, India, and new strategic locations planned in next couple of years, there is ample scope for you to work in an organization with international flair. All we ask in return is that as a member of the Moblize team you’ll be willing to go that extra mile when it comes to delivering unrivaled quality of service to the client. At Moblize you will have the opportunity to work alongside team members who are strategic thinkers, highly valued by senior executives in variety of fortune 50 companies, phenomenal implementers who have proven their metal in many projects.

Who we want

As Moblize continues to grow and succeed, we are constantly looking for talented individuals who share our passion. We have lofty ideas and are aggressively making them real. If you are willing and able to scale the heights of your career vision, work on innovative solutions then you will be looking for an opportunity that offers just that, and more. At Moblize we consistently look to hire top talent with a view to building long-lasting relationships, company loyalty, client value and trust. With your goals and our vision, Moblize can provide the backdrop for a promising and fruitful career in an environment where global diversity is believed to be concurrent with advancement. We believe in enjoying what we do, and in doing what we believe to the highest of our ability. Our philosophy is to motivate our teams to defy the ‘status quo’ and outperform the competition. Our work ethic and track record bears testimony to this belief. We thrive on the variety of what our employees bring to the ‘work-table’, and recognize the importance of what individual contributions make to the team effort. These contributions are rewarded and celebrated in order to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

Global Opportunities

To be considered please send your resume here and mention in the subject line if this is for the US or S. Asia Pacific Offices.

Open Positions:

Product Team

Java developer: Design & develop applications & Core Java (J2SE) Development with Object Oriented Programming concepts, & complex multi-threading for high performance applications garbage collection, JVM, & optimizing Java code. J2SE Core Java Development including database programming, network programming (Socket,NIO,RMI) &Java Messaging. Conduct Data manipulation & analysis using SQL, noSQL, Python, R (on Hadoop), Java, Machine Learning libraries (via R, H2O, Python, Spark, etc), SAS EGuide, MapReduce, PIG, HIVE, SAS, SAS HPA, & SAS Visual Analytics.  Requires MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or related & 1 yr exp. Send resume to AKM Enterprise, Inc., DBA Moblize 5177 Richmond Ave., Ste. 1051 Houston, TX 77056.