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Challenges with M2M (Machine to Machine) adoption

01.21.14 | Posted by AKM Enterprises Inc.

m2mDepending on who you ask challenges can be classified in many ways…recently while in a meeting with C-Level executive of a fortune 100 company asked us to explain him M2M challenges in the context of Business /Customer Experience/Technology categories. Before we go any further let us explain AKM Enterprises Inc.’s vision on M2M:

M2M will harness the flexibility and variety of new delivery and connectivity platforms toward defining entirely new Business opportunities as interactions move from desktop-centric to diverse set of internet enabled smart devices.

So let’s dive into some high level challenges based on AKM Enterprises Inc. experiences with M2M solutions in the 3 categories:

Business Strategy Challenges

  1. Understanding the relevance of ubiquity and persistence yourself 1st before explaining it to your bosses. i.e. Data, services, availability, experience, relevance, devices, networks, geographies
  2. Who owns the customer relationship- Everyone wants to own it, carriers, machine equipment providers, application service providers, OEMs themselves etc.

Customer Experience Challenges

  1. How to optimize offerings to perform efficiently across a variety of network technologies and device form factors?
  2. How to immediately present relevant choices that matter to my audience?
  3. How to make offering so intuitive that laymen can use it.
  4. The unique contexts in which people live and how business is conducted is a very important aspect often ignored by many building M2M solutions that can generate revenue.This is a science in itself and not many clients want to pay for the study of this science as they think its obvious, a huge mistake.

Technical Challenges

  1. Security: The security scheme must not hog precious bandwidth nor should it require the user to engage in a multi-PIN scheme.
  2. Storing content in a generic form to enable presentation across multiple device form factors.
  3. Integrating mobile applications with voice infrastructure, try getting a car with voice enabled features and you will know what we mean.
  4. Seamlessly exchanging data amongst multiple applications to enable new rapid experiments or “value loops”

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