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Moblize has been the leader in Data Quality Management for nearly 8 years when no one talked about or valued data. Our core service was based on Data Quality services only in 2011. We used to feed all 3rd party engineering software like Petrel, DBOS On time, Halliburton Applications, Pore Pressure Applications etc. with good high quality data. Over the last 8 years we have matured our Data Quality Management Services which runs 24 by 7 and staffed with 50 plus Petroleum Engineers in 2 offices US and India today. We are proud to be hosting today over 110M feet of high quality drilling data from wells in the US land.

Our Data Quality Management Services include:

  • Highly mature standard processes to aggregate, prepare, validate and ready data to be fed into our Data Analytics Engine to generate trustworthy Insights.
  • Aggregate raw data from real time streams, historical wells, directional providers and client inhouse systems like Well View, Open Wells, Well ez etc.
  • 24 by 7 engineers who are ready to answer all your queries within 15 min of less.
  • 24by 7 engineers who specialize using standard operating procedures to fix data quality issues flagged by our system on incoming raw data
  • Use advanced algorithms to ensure data integrity and consistency on incoming real time raw data streams, old historical data, data feeds from directional companies and/or inhouse systems like Well View, Open Wells or WellEZ
  • Follow the sun model to offer superior DQ services 24 by 7
  • Use variety of pre built APIs to pull data from disparate data sources
  • Create Monthly or quality Vendor Data Quality Reports/Scorecards for our clients
  • Perform data quality on 3 levels


ProACT, a big data analytics platform for Well Planning and Construction aggregates “Variety” of ┬ádata from 3rd party vendor office hubs and your internal systems. It then organizes Actionable Insights in the daily enterprise workflows to make life of Drilling Engineers better by helping them do Daily Planning-Daily Operations-Post Well Analysis-Reporting via a single source of truth.


ProFRAC (Coming Soon)

ProFRAC, a big data analytics platform for Well Completions gathers raw data from a variety of 3rd party fracturing databases (like fracpro, Accufrac etc) or directly from Frac Trucks. The data assembled is then prepared which includes cleaning and scrubbing and then made available to completion engineers and managers to drive Actionable Insights. Some Actionable insights enabled are ability to compare stages breakdown by NPT, Wireline & Pumpting, compare stages from different wells or stages within single well and more..The result is a more effective completion the first, and every, time.