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Is the Machine Era the Next Big Wave?

01.23.14 | Posted by AKM Enterprises Inc.


3 key inevitable trends are happening today:

  1. Bandwidths are reaching everywhere, you can be at Starbucks/airports and connect to Internet
  2. Open standards are prevailing, example use of browsers, ubiquitous platforms etc.
  3. Computing power is multiplying crazily, look at new smart handhelds/cellphones etc.

While working for top-tier strategy firm, our management saw these 3 trends will change how businesses will operator in the 21st century making following predictions:

  • Innovative applications/business models will emerge that leverage the strengths of new smart connections to remote assets.
  • Smart Remote Services will reach customers in new locations, via new devices, with functionality and frequency that reaches far beyond traditional PC and enable smarter, faster decisions/
  • Interactions will move from a desktop-centric environment to a diverse set of internet-enabled devices/remote assets

Facts never lie: see some interesting quotes by reputed organizations which support the above thoughts:
“$100 billion combined in revenue seen by 2015 for US, Japan and Western Europe in M2M business.“ McKinsey and Company
“There will be more invisibly connected machines and physical objects than visible humans from 2005 onward.“ Forrester Research
“Mobilizing the machine means enabling a machine to transmit and receive information through a cellular connection whenever and wherever the need arises-limited only by the coverage area of the cellular network. “Deloitte Research
“By 2015, there will be between 100 million and 160 million machine-to-machine connections worldwide that use wireless mobile phone networks.“ Gartner Group
“WDRG expects the total M2M market, including hardware, software and services (both network and professional) to grow from about $3.4 billion in 2002 to over $28 billion in 2007.“ Wireless Data Research Group
“Worldwide device-related revenue streams by 2014 in excess of $290 billion.“ Harbor Research

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