Tom Rolloczek

Sales Executive

Tom is an accomplished Sales Executive  with a record of new business development with E&P operators. Prior to joining Moblize, Tom spent 5 years as Technical Sales Associate for Varel Oil and Gas Drilling Bits and 5 years at Schlumberger in the Technical Sales team. Among his many hats, Tom is responsible for  sales, branding and identity in the Denver territory. Tom earned Bachelors in Business Administration from Western State Colorado University.

Robert Purvis


Mr. Robert Purvis is a seasoned executive who spent 29 years at Schlumberger in variety of roles such as Legal, Admin, Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Operations. Before joining Moblize, Bob spent 5 years in account management for Kongsberg, 2 years focused on developing growth strategies, due diligence, market assessment, market entry and acquisition planning for a wide range of Qittitut Consulting customers.

Kendall Zakariassen

Kendal started his career as MWD/Directional Driller for Calmena Energy for 2 years followed by running the Chesapeake  Energy Operations Center as Manager Operations for nearly 4 years. Kendall earned his Bachelors in Business Management from the University of Oklahoma. Kendall also served as a marine in Special forces.



Ian studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and spent 8 years in the drilling contractor world with H&P and Precision Drilling prior to joining Moblize.  Performing every job from roughnecking to Operations Engineering, to Financial Administration to Contracts and Marketing and Sales— He and his wife are avid travelers, and currently reside in the Heights in Houston, TX. Ian has a passion for disruptive technology and customer success in the upstream oil and gas market.

Amit Mehta


Mr. Amit Mehta has been featured in numerous magazines such as Voyage, Forbes, CIO Magazine, JPT,  World Oil, Hart E&POilvoice, Oilman, Mixergy, Entrepreneur to name a few. Under his leadership, Moblize was ranked as one of the best Entrepreneurial Companies in 2016 by the Entrepreneur Magazine.  Amit graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with degree in Design, Manufacture and Management. As part of the curriculum he visited 50 plus manufacturing plants across the globe and worked in the manufacturing plants of Peugeot,Jaguar and Boeing implementing lean manufacturing  principles.

Joseph Antonysamy

Product Architect

Joseph has over 27 years  in bringing cutting-edge technology to corporate clients. Has previously served a senior Tech Lead in PROS (NYSE:PRO) and Yahoo.  At PROS, he played a critical role in architecting, designing complex and scalable enterprise software applications. He has strong technical expertise in evaluation and selection of development tools. Joseph enjoys mentoring juniors and enjoys coding

Brandon Cherry

Customer Success Manager

Brandon spent the last 5 years providing real time support and monitoring of well logging and drilling operations  as Measure While Drilling (MWD)/Logging While Drilling( LWD) field Engineer for Deep Water and Shelf Rigs for the Schlumberger Oilfield Services. Brandon holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M.


HR Manager

Jessica brings over 20 years of human resource and administration experience in software technology companies. Prior to joining Moblize, Jessica held executive positions at Magnet Systems, Atlona, Barnes and Noble Digital, and Daimler Chrysler Research. She has an MBA from National University and graduate work at University of San Francisco. Jessica is currently working on part time basis from SFO to help manage Moblizers and hire a local HR.

Colton Schwartz

Colton spent last 4 years in Measurements-While-Drilling and Logging-While-Drilling services in high-profile, extended reach deepwater wells up to 34,500 ft in depth (development as well as exploration with coring) for Schlumberger  OIlfield Services.  Most recently he was a Directional Driller for SLB drilling in the deepwater environments in the Gulf of Mexico
using rotary steerable systems, mud motors, whipstocks, and jetting assemblies. Colton earned his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University.



Zachary spent the first four years of his career with Schlumberger as an open hole wireline field engineer in the Permian basin. He performed hundreds of logging operations and obtained expert proficiency in advanced services utilizing both conventional and drill-pipe conveyance. In 2015 he transferred to East Texas, where he assumed the dual role of sales engineer and operations manager overseeing  the execution of HTHP open hole, cased hole and through-drill pipe wireline operations across Ark-La-Tex on land and inland waters. Zach obtained  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University in 2011.


Padmini Ranganathan

Engineering Manager

Padmini brings over 12 years of experience in the Software Engineering field with prime focus in delivering quality software and operations. She most recently served as Program Manager and prior to that Solutions Architect at PROS Holding (NYSE:PRO) where she facilitated successful project implementation for several customers in Airline Revenue Management domain and collaborated with different teams to streamline various processes necessary for a successful project implementation in the cloud. She received her Masters in Computer Science from University of Houston.


Operations Manager-USA

Randal Johnston brings over 12 years of experience managing  24 by 7 Operations and IT infrastructure teams at variety of fortune 100 companies .  Prior to Moblize he lead design, development and 24 by 7 support of IT infrastructure and operations for the City of Lufkin.

Chris James

Product Manager-Drilling

Chris  leads Moblize product strategy for the Drilling Suite and execution for a comprehensive customer success platform “ProACT” that help customers take action. Chris has held Drilling Engineering roles at Marathon Oil and Gas where he drilled wells in Gulf of Mexico, Eagleford and the Bakken region.  Chris earned Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering from Mateitta College.



Bryan is an accomplished Petroleum Engineer with most of his experience in the Drilling and Completion arena. Bryan brings over 9 years of experience Drilling and Completing wells in Canada region for Nexen CNOOC ULC. Bryan received BA in Petroleum Engineers, University of Alberta, April 2008. Bryan was placed 1st at Canada Winter Games in freestyle Skiing and Canadian Junior Nationals in Halfpipe and Mogul Skiing.




Peter spent the last 5 years as a Directional Driller and Logging While Drilling Engineer in ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico for Schllumberger Oilfield Services. Prior to that, Peter performed directional services on the North Slope of Alaska and in the Williston basin. Peter holds an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin where he worked on mitigating marine riser vibrations in the computational hydrodynamics lab. Before UT, Peter worked as an Oceanographer with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the University of Maine Ecosystem Modeling Lab.

Saraan Varcillo

Saraan served as Senior Drilling Engineer for Exxon Mobil for 5 years where she drilled wells in  the East Texas region primarily. Saraan earned her Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Saraan interest includes mentoring young Women in Mathematics and Science fields.



With a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, Rafael have over 5 years of experience as, Drilling/Optimization Engineer and Production Field Engineer. Prior to joining Moblize, he worked for NOV, Marathon Oil and for the Venezuelan NOC PDVSA . Rafael is also  a fitness coach and rescue scuba diver.

Rick Morneau

Rick started in the energy industry at Schlumberger-Doll Research Center in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where he successfully developed commercial wireline software. He joined Chevron in 1983 where he held various positions utilizing his technical Oil & Gas knowledge and Information Technology expertise. Rick managed internal software development groups, started Chevron’s Information Management for Major Capital Projects group and for the 7 years prior to his retirement in 2010 he managed Strategic Research and Technology Development with the transformational information technology domain. In 2011, he joined the Advisory Board for VRcontext, launched Morneau Consulting and held the first Virtual Reality Summit Conference in conjunction with Digital Plant.  Throughout his career, Rick has been at the technology intersection of innovative ideas, practical solutions and business readiness. He has a Bachelor of Science from University of Arizona and a Masters of Science from Purdue University, both in Geophysics.

Omar Kulbrandstad

Omar is a thirty-year veteran of the Oil and Gas industry. Omar is co-founder and former CEO of RigNet (NASDAQ: RNET) where he gained knowledge and experience building a technology business within Oil & Gas industry from the ground up. He has spent his career in different parts of the globe including the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, establishing and growing successful teams. The first half of his career was with Schlumberger were he progressed from the field to various leadership positions. Omar brings a deep understanding of the global Oil & Gas industry with great understanding of cultural differences, operating conditions and business dynamics around the world. Mr. Kulbrandstad holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics from Trondheim School of Technology in Norway.