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AKM Enterprises Inc. Loves When Our Clients Win Awards, Kelpetro Operating Shines!

01.24.14 | Posted by AKM Enterprises Inc.

Our esteemed client Kelpetro won the M2M 2007 Value Chain Silver Award for most innovative real-time technology system deployment in the entire USA. The M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies allow the company to overcome challenges of managing remote assets, in this case, in California from their fingertips anywhere, anytime.

AKM Enterprises Inc. team deployed a M2M system which allowed our client to, on the fly, monitor, control and optimize their production field from Houston, Texas. The solution let machines process vast amounts of data to predict and guide human actions for a more proactive versus reactive approach. This allowed Kelpetro to manage their remote assets based on exceptions and let their actions be guided by machine recommendations 24/7, rather than, as in the past, making an average 20 calls per week to determine events in the field.


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