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AKM Enterprises party like rock stars at the Annual Christmas Party

01.22.14 | Posted by AKM Enterprises Inc.

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AKM Enterprises partied in rock star mode at our Annual Christmas party 2013. On the best holiday of the year, AKM Enterprises got into the spirit by spending some quality time with their peers, spouses and friends. See all the cheery pics below!

Bob came with his wife Mary a great lady, Jim with his wife, and the rest of our team members with their significant others as we sipped margaritas and talked the night away.  After a lovely meal came the best part of night, lucky draws which were won by Bob and Oliver. Santa blessed them with nice gifts! We can’t wait to find what they bought with them.

We are wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014 and looking forward to seeing all our single members of the AKM Enterprises Inc. family with significant others this year.




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