Simplify Benchmarking

Leveraging a community of client data allowing them to compare well and rig performance to offset wells from other operators anonymously down to the same county on key metrics such as hole size and section, ROPs, tripping and casing speeds, footage etc. ensuring that you meet or exceed target well expectations.


Deeper Operational Insight

AKM Enterprises Inc. system contains over 200 billion feet of high-quality data points from 19 geological plays across the US land. Now simply select your target active or historical and select a radius of choice to compare your performance against other nearby operators’ who are participating in contributing data.

Summit Petroleum achieved lowest slide percentages in the lateral section in the Upton County of Midland, TX compared to all nearby documented competitors recently, with same TD.

Ensign Natural Resources achieved Highest ROP (171 ft/hour) in the lateral section of the Karnes County of TX compared to all nearby documented competitors recently, with same TD.



ProACT, a big data analytics platform for Well Planning and Construction aggregates “Variety” of  data from 3rd party vendor office hubs and your internal systems. It then organizes Actionable Insights in the daily enterprise workflows to make life of Drilling Engineers better by helping them do Daily Planning-Daily Operations-Post Well Analysis-Reporting via a single source of truth.


ProFRAC (Coming Soon)

ProFRAC, a big data analytics platform for Well Completions gathers raw data from a variety of 3rd party fracturing databases (like fracpro, Accufrac etc) or directly from Frac Trucks. The data assembled is then prepared which includes cleaning and scrubbing and then made available to completion engineers and managers to drive Actionable Insights. Some Actionable insights enabled are ability to compare stages breakdown by NPT, Wireline & Pumpting, compare stages from different wells or stages within single well and more..The result is a more effective completion the first, and every, time.