Simplify Collaboration

Applying Machine learning without human generated data cannot give the true desired accurate predictions. Today human generated data is exchanged either in text messages, emails, Instant Messenger etc. before or during well construction. This results in poor knowledge retention, hard to find information not anymore


Benefits: Standardize bit grading process across your organization to run bits longer and deeper Instantly scroll up and down the WALL to learn operations of historical wells vs. spend hours finding reports in emails

Your Knowledge Platform

Allows enterprise users like field personnel, engineers, managers from any discipline to effortlessly share contextual insights - like pictures, videos, comments, successes, best practices etc. in correlation to machine data like bit depths on the company private asset wall. This seamless exchange of information between the field peers, field and office builds a knowledge platform which over time “learn” things about users, posts, decisions, discussions, pictures, videos, to give recommendations, generate reports etc.


ProACT, a big data analytics platform for Well Planning and Construction aggregates “Variety” of  data from 3rd party vendor office hubs and your internal systems. It then organizes Actionable Insights in the daily enterprise workflows to make life of Drilling Engineers better by helping them do Daily Planning-Daily Operations-Post Well Analysis-Reporting via a single source of truth.


ProFRAC (Coming Soon)

ProFRAC, a big data analytics platform for Well Completions gathers raw data from a variety of 3rd party fracturing databases (like fracpro, Accufrac etc) or directly from Frac Trucks. The data assembled is then prepared which includes cleaning and scrubbing and then made available to completion engineers and managers to drive Actionable Insights. Some Actionable insights enabled are ability to compare stages breakdown by NPT, Wireline & Pumpting, compare stages from different wells or stages within single well and more..The result is a more effective completion the first, and every, time.